#8-1950 Government Street
Victoria, BC
V8T 4N8
Daycare: 778-433-2267 Grooming: 778-433-2268

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Thank you for considering our family for the trusted care of your dog. We’re looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your pup! If your inquiry is regarding our indoor daycare or outdoor adventure park, we would love for you to answer a few quick questions on your pups likes and dislikes:

How does your dog respond in dog social situations?
 Loves all dogs and wants to play with them, they’re a social butterfly!
 Can be shy to start but warms up quickly
 Likes most dogs but isn’t overly excitable around them, they’re cool, calm and collected
 Doesn’t enjoy being around large groups of dogs but does great in smaller groups
 Prefers people to dogs

How does your dog respond when meeting a new person?
 Loves people and wants all the pets and love!
 Can be shy to start with but warms up if the person ignores them and gives them space
 Indifferent, people are cool and all, they enjoy pets but prefer to play with other dogs
 Stranger danger! Doesn’t really like people they don’t know and they don’t like getting pets from strangers

Does your dog have any medical history, injuries (previous or current) or allergies we need to be aware of?

 Yes No
If yes, please provide more details:

Does your dog struggle with separation anxiety?

 Yes No
If yes, Please provide more details(how do they express their anxiety? Vocalisation, pacing, heavy panting, destruction of furniture or items, trying to escape etc)

Lastly, who’s the goodest dog?
 My Dog!

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