Dog TrainerRebecca, Dog Trainer & Daycare Manager

Having graduated from the professional dog trainers course at West Coast Canine Academy Rebecca has been training all types of dogs from Miniature Poodles to German Shepherds and has faced many challenges with their different temperaments, personalities and training problems. As well as training dogs Rebecca has also worked at a doggy daycare as a caregiver, looking after and observing up to 20 dogs in an off leash play setting. She loves working in this environment as it is an amazing opportunity to learn and observe dog on dog behaviour in all it’s intricate detail. Rebecca adopted her Border Collie x from Taiwan in January 2014 when she was just 6 months old. Working with dogs is her passion, it is a continuous path of learning and development both professionally and individually. She finds herself being challenged with each dog she meets in different ways and she loves that about them. Rebecca is always on the look out to increase her knowledge of dogs, their behaviour and different training methods and handling styles. She is a member of Citizen Canine and Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and researches and attends conferences and seminars to further her knowledge.