Outdoor dog daycare adventures at “Lobo Land” Outdoor Adventure Park

Dog Adventure Park

Our outdoor adventure park (dog daycare) is referred to by our staff and regular clients as “Lobo Land.” It is named after Steven and Jennifer’s dog Lobo. Lobo’s new life passion is to oversee our property, protecting it and keeping it safe. The nick name’s meaning to us is “Protected Land.”

Lobo Land is a privately owned fully fenced 2 acre parcel of wooded rolling landscape with seasonal fresh spring water streams and pond. Lobo Land provides our clients with all of the fun, exercise, and stimulation of a hiking adventure in the woods without all of the safety hazards confronted by dog walking companies operating in the public parks. We have full control over what humans and animals our clients will encounter and with the fencing system in place it alleviates the risks of our dogs running away and getting lost.

Cost: $30/2 hours and $42/4 hours  (drop-off and pickup included). Add our Outdoor Adventure Park to your dogs full-day of Indoor Dog Daycare for only $12!


Dog MYour Dog will Safely Travel in Style

Our van not only looks fun, but is also focused on safety:

  • Climate controlled to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Double door security system to ensure the dogs cannot escape when the door is opened.
  • 4 separate travel partitions to maintain their comfort and safety during travel
  • Secure-idle system allowing us to remove the key and lock up the van with the air conditioning on while we pick up and drop off the dogs, maintaining a safe and comfortable climate at all times during travel.