Does your dog pull you around when they are on leash? Do you suffer with sore arms and shoulders after taking them for a walk? Look no further, help is at hand! Ruffin’ It is holding polite leash walking workshops where you will learn how to stop Fido from pulling you around – no matter how big or small they are.

You will be shown a number of different techniques which will give you the knowledge to keep Fido on a loose leash. The workshop also covers how to politely meet and greet other dogs and people out and about and will look at different tools that you can use to help teach your pooch polite leash manners such as gentle leaders and front clip harnesses.

The workshops are hands on and lots of fun! There is a maximum of 8 dogs per workshop so individual feedback can be given. Bring high value treats such as hotdogs, cheese, cooked chicken – no kibble and a hungry dog!

Age: For dogs aged 6 months and up
Time: 10:00am – 12:pm
Workshop Date: TBD
Cost: $40 plus tax

Limited to 6 spaces per course. Register early by calling 778.433.2267

Course outline:

  • Welcome & introduction
  • Gentle leaders/haltis & front clip harnesses
  • Focus work – getting your dog to focus on you in varying environments
  • Follow me leash exercise / Three step penalty
  • 10ft circle – more focus work
  • Personal space & walking zones
  • Leash corrections
  • Feeding from the hip (start of shadow handling) & Sits at side
  • Quick quick slow
  • Meeting and greeting people & other dogs
  • Sniff & go

1. Dogs with reactivity issues will not be able to participate in any workshops due to safety reasons.  Please see the Training section if you would like more information on training sessions for dogs with reactivity problems.
2. Most workshops take place outside in any weather and the trail manners and hike meet ups will take place in areas with varying terrain, please dress accordingly.
3. All owners are responsible for their dogs during the workshops and participate in off leash activities at their own risk.