Recall is one of the most important tools we need as dog owners. Having an effective recall can be a life saver for your dog in any environment. The Effective Recall workshop will give you a number of techniques to polish up your dogs recall and test its effectiveness against a number of different distractions such as food, toys and when they’re ready, other dogs! Teaching your dog recall is lots of fun and they will see it as a great new game they can play with you!

The workshops are split up into three different levels with time in between each of them for you to practice and build a strong foundation before moving onto the next level. Workshops are to be taken consecutively so you have the relevant knowledge and practice to set your dog up for success.

You will need to bring high value treats such as hotdogs, cheese, cooked chicken or pork – no kibble! A hungry dog and a friend to help out with the exercises! You can bring your own long line should you have one or you can purchase them on the day.

Owners who have completed the Effective Recall workshops have gone on to enjoy the Trail Manners workshop too!

Age: Dogs 10 weeks of age and up
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Workshop Date (Block 1):

  • Recall level 1: TBD
  • Recall level 2: TBD
  • Recall level 3: TBD

Workshop Date (Block 2):

  • Recall level 1: TBD
  • Recall level 2: TBD
  • Recall level 3: TBD

Cost: $30 plus tax per workshop

Limited to 6 spaces per course. Register early by calling 778.433.2267

Workshop Outline:

Workshop 1:

  • Focus work – getting Fido to offer you focus under different distractions
  • Recall word(s) & importance of them
  • Recall game no 1: Back & Forth
  • Increasing the difficulty and criteria in the Back & Forth game
  • Using a long line whilst recall is being taught

Workshop 2:

  • Back & Forth review
  • Long line work review
  • Recall game no. 2: Restraint recall
  • Recall game no. 3: Hide & seek
  • Recall from food

Workshop 3:

  • Restraint recall recap
  • Restraint recall relay (2 dogs at a time going towards each other)
  • Recall from food review
  • Recall from toys
  • Recall from dogs (if ready)

Effective Recall:

  • Each workshop is 1 – 1.5 hours long
  • For dogs aged 10 weeks and up
  • 8 spaces available per workshop, must complete workshops in sequence
  • Cost $30 + Tax per workshop

1. Dogs with reactivity issues will not be able to participate in any workshops due to safety reasons.  Please see the Training section if you would like more information on training sessions for dogs with reactivity problems.
2. Most workshops take place outside in any weather and the trail manners and hike meet ups will take place in areas with varying terrain, please dress accordingly.
3. All owners are responsible for their dogs during the workshops and participate in off leash activities at their own risk.