Have you just introduced a new bundle of puppy joy to your home? Are you super keen to ensure your new buddy sets off on the right paw? Do you want your pup to grow into a well mannered pet who is a joy to own but don’t know where to start? We can help! Introducing the Ruffin It Puppy Parties!

Getting it right from the start is key. Did you know that if puppies don’t have the correct socialization and training when they are young they are far more likely to develop behavioural problems when they are older? Puppies are like sponges and soak up so much, now is the time to harness all that learning development so you can help them grow into well behaved adults.

Our puppy parties are a great way for you to get the ball rolling (no pun intended!).

We will take you through our Essential Puppy Training Toolkit and Top Tips, looking at common challenges new puppy owners face.

So what’s covered:

  • Potty training – the do’s and don’ts and best methods
  • Socialization – this one is a hugely important and we will give you tips to ensure you get it right
  • Puppy play – during the party the puppies will be invited to meet each other and play. We will help hone your observation skills so you can pick up on the signs of good play and not so good play
  • The importance of positive reward based training and why its never too early to start
  • Boundaries, house rules and consistency – all key to ensuring your pup knows what you expect
  • We will discuss common challenges, such as puppy biting and chewing, and we will give you tips on how to resolve these challenges
  • Exercise – how much is enough
  • Puppy developmental periods – looking at the first 12 months and what to expect
  • Boredom breaking – tips on how to entertain your puppy
  • The use of crates and why we think they are an essential part of your training
  • Fun relationship building and training games to take away and start practicing
  • The opportunity for you to ask any questions, trust us, no question is a silly question!

After you have attended our Puppy Party you can continue the fun and learning with our 6-week Puppy Obedience Training Classes, the perfect compliment to what you will have already learnt.


Puppies must be aged between 10-16 weeks (if your puppy is older, don’t worry we have our Puppy Training Classes which you can join straight away). We accept puppies after their first vaccination.

Party Information:

Our parties take place on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm-8.30pm and run for two consecutive weeks. Next Puppy Party taking place on: TBD

If you are keen to attend with your pup we’d love to meet you. Please call 778-433-6627 or email: info@ruffinitdogcare.com to book.