Separation anxiety can be very stressful for dogs and owners alike and can be hard to deal with both emotionally and physically. This workshop looks into some of the causes and symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs and how we can help them to overcome this hurdle and become more balanced and independent.

We will look at how you can help your dog feel more comfortable by themselves, give you tips and tricks to make leaving the house a lot less stressful for you and the dog, environmental changes in the home and increasing your dogs confidence.

Separation anxiety can take some dogs a long time to overcome, but with patience, practice and the knowledge you will gain from this workshop, you will be able to help them work through it.

Please bring a note pad and pen to make any notes, chair and any snacks and drinks.

Time: TBD
Workshop Date: TBD
Cost: $40 plus tax

Limited to 6 spaces per course. Register early by calling 778.433.2267

Workshop Outline:

Welcome and introduction


  • Does your dog suffer from true separation anxiety and what are their symptoms?
  • What can you do to help build your dogs confidence in being by itself?
  • Tools that are available to help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Exercise routines
  • Mental as well as physical exercise

1. Dogs with reactivity issues will not be able to participate in any workshops due to safety reasons. Please see the Training section if you would like more information on training sessions for dogs with reactivity problems.
2. Most workshops take place outside in any weather and the trail manners and hike meet ups will take place in areas with varying terrain, please dress accordingly.
3. All owners are responsible for their dogs during the workshops and participate in off leash activities at their own risk.