Veterinarian sits in an overheating car to prove a big point!

  Most of us know and have heard about the dangers of leaving your pet and or child in a car when temperatures are warm/hot, but this veterinarian goes even further to prove his point. This is a great eye opening example of how fast a car can really heat up!

Summer warning: SPEARGRASS

“Spear grass” is a blanket term for any grass with a barbed seed. Although there are around 60 varieties of spear grass the one most commonly found on the south island is Foxtail Barley Grass. Foxtail is found growing on most boulevards (especially around trees and posts), lawns,...

Now Selling Buddies Natural Food and Blanket ID Dog Tags

We are happy to announce we are now an official retailer of Buddies Natural Food products offering frozen pet food that contains a blend of fresh poultry, beef, venison, rabbit, pork, lamb and vegetables, using little or no processing to preserve all nutrients and vitamins! With...