Introducing the newest member of the Ruffin’it team

By Steven Campbell March 25, 2014 One of the most rewarding aspects of owning Ruffin‘it is the relationship built with so many of our customers. We are invited into your homes, introduced to your families and you trust us with your dogs, your precious family members.   You grant...

Tips for Proper Puppy Socialization

Puppies are like sponges. They spend the first months of their lives picking up new information about the world and their place within it. The first 17 weeks is vital to teach your dog what you expect and to prevent them from picking up bad habits that are incredibly difficult to...

Tale of Fog and Two Dogs

It was approaching 9 pm as the plane hovered somewhere over the Lower Mainland, the view outside Heather Ferguson’s window obstructed by a wall of white fog. The captain came on the intercom and let out a resigned sigh. “Sorry, folks,” he said, “it looks like the fog in Victoria...

An Interview With The Victoria Humane Society’s Penny Stone

Meet Ebby! She’s a beautiful 6 month old border collie X up for adoption and Penny Stone is the Executive Director of the Victoria Humane Society. Formerly the manager of the BC SPCA, Stone joined forces with Carol Broad in 2013 to found an organization that fosters and...

Puppy Training: Tips and Tricks for Puppy Proofing Your Home

Puppy training is such an important part of raising your furry companion. Even the most well behaved puppies need to be taught what is and isn’t appropriate. One important thing you can do to aid in your training is to puppy-proof your home. Not only it is essential for the...

Four Things You Wanted to Know About Dogs (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Sometimes, dogs seem like incredibly simple creatures who eat, sleep, poop and play. When your pup whines in her sleep, or barks at the dog on television, though, her world appears more complex. Is she simply responding to stimuli around her, or is there more going on? What’s...

Dog Grooming Help: Trimming Nails

Trimming nails on any animal can be stressful and intimidating, especially those of the larger variety. Not only do a lot of dogs try to fight the process, but many times it’s due to having painful experiences in the past. Save yourself and your four-legged friend some...