New Outdoor Adventure Park

We at Ruffin’It Dog Care maintain a strong respect and appreciation for the responsibility you have entrusted with us towards the care for your loved ones. We have always focused on delivering the safest and most reliable services possible and have taken one more step...

Why Education is So Important for All Dogs

The natural wolf pack in the wild is a family of individuals. The Alpha pair is the Mother and Father, there may be an aunt or uncle, older siblings form previous litters and there may be a current litter of pups. As with a human family Mom and Dad are the leaders, they set the...

Is Your Dog’s Collar Tight Enough?

Many people do not have their dog’s collar fitting correctly. How do you know if your dog collar fits? If you can slide it over your dog’s head than no it is not tight enough. How can you ensure your dog’s safety if they can Houdini out of their collar on demand? It...

Dog Nutrition: What You Need to Know

Only within the past ten to fifteen years dog owners have developed a true awareness of dog nutrition needs. Prior to the 1940s commercial brand dog foods were not widely available and people cooked for their dogs: meat for country dogs, and a mixture of meat, rice and vegetables...

What to Do with Your Pet When You Go on a Trip

Your office may send you on an out-of-state business trip because it wants to rely on your familiarity with an important customer. Or you just may want to take a break from work by going on a week-long cruise. In either case, you can’t just leave your pet alone. Here are...

Your Puppy Needs A First Aid Kit Too

Have you had the experience of wishing you had something to treat a pet’s injury? Many pets will have accidents just like their people do when they are enjoying the great outdoors.  Sometimes even a romp in the backyard can result in a mysterious cut or scrape. For these...

Conditioning Your Four-Legged Friend to Enjoy Car Rides

Anxiety about riding in the car is a fairly common issue for dogs, and can result in undesirable dog behaviour, including carsickness, whining, vomiting, and pacing in the car, which is distracting to the driver. How can you help your furry friend to become more comfortable with...

‘Old’ Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

There are common misconceptions in regards to dog training. A lot of people feel that the old saying is true: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. In actuality this statement is only true if the trainer isn’t persistent or patient enough. Any dog can...

What to Expect from Puppy Classes

If you’re fortunate enough to be the parent of a new puppy, it’s never too early to enroll him in puppy classes. Young puppies from 7 weeks to 16 weeks old will learn important socialization skills they’ll need to communicate and play appropriately with other dogs throughout...

Tips for Picking a Perfect Puppy Name

                So you just brought home a cute, floppy-eared puppy, the perfect puppy for your family—congratulations! What did you name him? You don’t have a name picked out yet? Well, your puppy needs a name, especially if you intend to...