Nuisance barking is, well…a nuisance! Dogs communicate with each other through their barking but sometimes it can seem a little excessive. Fido barks at the door when someone rings the doorbell or barks at new people and dogs they meet on walks, they also like to bark at things moving past the fence or window.

Our dog training workshop for barking looks at some of the more common reasons our dogs bark at what they bark at and will give you some good tips on how to change their reaction towards this type of stimuli. For example teaching the commands “speak” and “quiet” so we can use them to stop nuisance barking, looking at the home environment and how a few changes might help prevent Fido from guard barking, teaching your dog not to bark at other dogs or people out on the trail and to offer an alternative behaviour.

Time: 1.5 – 2 hour workshop with opportunities for follow up private sessions
Dog Training Workshop Date: TBD
Cost: $40 plus tax

Limited to 6 spaces per dog training course. Register early by calling 778.433.2267

Course outline:

  • Look at different triggers and stimuli
  • Teach “speak” and “quiet”
  • Preventing and Redirecting behaviours
  • Environmental changes
  • Looking at teaching alternative behaviours

1. Dogs with reactivity issues will not be able to participate in any workshops due to safety reasons.  Please see the Training section if you would like more information on training sessions for dogs with reactivity problems.
2. Most workshops take place outside in any weather and the trail manners and hike meet ups will take place in areas with varying terrain, please dress accordingly.
3. All owners are responsible for their dogs during the workshops and participate in off leash activities at their own risk.