Dog Grooming at the Groom Room

The groom room has high standards for your beloved family members dog grooming.

Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm. Some Saturday appointments at Groomers discretion.

Location: #102-3500 Quadra St (Corner of Quadra and Cloverdale)

Book Appointment: 778.433.2267

Full Service Grooms (Starting at $36 and Up) – Full Pricing List

FSG (full service grooms) include: a full head to toe once over, nails, paw pads, face trim, sanitary shave, ear cleaning/plucking, bath, blowout, brush out and  clipper/ scissor work associated with the package.

*FSG (full service grooms) prices are based on dogs coming in every 8 to 12 weeks for grooming. Overdue and matted coats WILL have extra charges. All FSG’s come with a free brush out and nail trim to keep your dog in tip top shape until their next appt. Dogs in good condition and coming regularly will be rewarded with some money off the total. Regular brushing and comb outs at home, coming every 6 to 8 weeks, coming in for your free brush out are all things that will help you earn those rewards. Regular clients will also recieve free face trims.

Additional Dog Grooming Services:

  • Nails $10
  • Eye Shave $6.50
  • Face Trim $10
  • Paw Shave $6
  • Sanitary Shave $6
  • Anal Glands $12
  • Ear Cleaning or Plucking $6
  • Poodle Points & Nails $35 (Requires 30 minutes and appointment)
  • Tick Removal $12
  • Teeth Scaling $24 per half hour session
  • Dremel & Nails $20
  • Essentials Package $30 – Includes: nails, face trim, paw shave, anal glands, sanitary shave and ear cleaning or plucking.