Dog Grooming at the Groom Room

We have very exciting news – we have a NEW GROOMER! And not just any Groomer, we held out to find you the best. No really, we did! I would like to introduce you to Shaunna who comes to us with 25 Years of dog grooming experience. Shaunna has a passion for animal rescue and fundraising for local animal charities. Shaunna specializes in elderly and difficult dogs and prides herself on providing a positive, low stress experience for your dog.

We are now taking bookings so please call or email in your service request and we will schedule an appointment.

Location: #102-3500 Quadra St (Corner of Quadra and Cloverdale)

Book Appointment: 778.433.2267 or Email

New Price List – 10% off grooming for pre-booking appointments.

Prices vary according to coat condition, frequency of grooming and behaviour of dog. We will discuss appropriate groom and price for each dog with you before appointment.

Matted Dogs: we will only brush light matting that comes out easily, tight matts or matts on large areas of the body will be shaved to prevent pain, stress and possible damage to the dogs skin.

Anal Glands: on request and only if necessary for an additional $5 with full groom.

Bath and brush on short coat includes: bath, nail trim, blow dry and brush

  • $35-$45 Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Whippet, Jack Russell, Pug, Beagle.
  • $50-$60 Staffordshire, Basset Hound, English Bulldog, Boxer, Doberman Pinscher, Pit bull, Pointer, Dalmatian
  • $65-$75 American Bulldog, Greyhound, Weimaraner, Great Dane, Bull mastiff, Labrador, Blood Hound

Bath and tidy includes: bath, nail trim, blow dry, brush and trimming of face, feet and feathers

Shear off includes: bath, blow dry, nail trim, shave down body with clippers 1/2 inch or less, styling face

  • $45-$50 Long Hair Chihuahua, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Pomeranian, Wire Hair Jack Russell, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle
  • $55-$60 Bichon Frise, Cairn terrier, Miniature Poodle, Cavalier Spaniel, Westie, Cockapoo, Miniature Schnauzer, Scottie, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi
  • $65-$75 Shetland Sheep dog, Border Collie, Mini Doodle, Duck Toller, Australian Cattle Dog, Mini Aussie Shepherd, Keeshond, Springer Spaniel
  • $80-$100 Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Golden retriever, Belgian Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Husky, Samoyed, Standard poodle, Large Doodle
  • $100-$160 Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees, Malamute, Shiloh Shepherd, Rough Collie, Burnese Mountain Dog

Breed specific cuts and hand scissors includes: bath, nail trim, hand blow dry, style according to breed standard or hand scissor 1/2 inch and longer. We do not do hand stripping.

  • $50 Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Toy Poodle
  • $55-$60 Miniature Schnauzer, Cairn terrier, Westie, Scottie, Wire Fox terrier, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Havanese
  • $65-$70 Bedlington Terrier, Bichon Frise, Miniature Poodle, English and American Cocker Spaniels, Mini Doodle, Standard Schnauzer
  • $75-$85 Springer Spaniel, English, Irish and Gordon Setters, Medium Doodle
  • $90-$160 Bovier, Standard Poodle, Giant Schnauzer, Large Doodle

Additional Services:

  • Drop in nail trims $10
  • Nails and shaving pads $15
  • Pawdicure: nails pads and trimming toes $25 – 15 minute appointment needed
  • Face trim $15-$25 depending on breed – 15 minute appointment needed
  • Sanitary clip (tummy & bum area) $10
  • Brush out only (no bath) $40 per hour – appointment needed

Puppy package: we recommend having your puppy groomed after final set of vaccines. We do just a bath and tidy to get your pup used to the grooming process with a positive experience.

  • $30 small
  • $35 medium
  • $40 large

For puppies up to 5 months old. We also go over home care grooming specific to your dogs grooming needs, also handling and training techniques to improve future grooming experiences.